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Welcome to the home of Austin’s Community Bible Fellowship on the web. We are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, intergenerational fellowship and we invite you to worship and work with us to build the Kingdom of God.

Rev. Gilbert

& Melba Davila







All For Love

John 3:16 (NASB)

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

This single scripture encapsulates the whole of Christianity: the character of our God and the basis for our faith. Ours is a God of love, sacrifice and grace. It depicts all He is and all we strive to be and it all began with love. Love created a beautiful world for us to live on and a family relationship to walk in. Love cannot stand separation, provides an escape and lives on forever. It is a love story of God and His creation, of Father and child, of the immortal and mortal.  

Words are so inadequate to describe the depth of God's love so, He gave His Son to die sacrificially for us – so that we can understand through action, that which cannot be conveyed through mere words.  Christ came - to live in our skin and walk with us. While His footprints have long since disappeared from the earth, the imprint He left on us is indelible.  All human hearts may beat, but only those transformed by Christ dance to the rhythm of an unexpected joy – a song that goes on, uninterrupted, through every circumstance life can compose. Jesus lived only 33 years, but how He lived! He loved family and friends, suffered loss and celebrated good times, laughed and cried, touched people and allowed them to touch Him. Thousands followed Him, not just because of His message, but because they hoped to share a taste of the abundant life He led and was so willing to share.  

In His time, Jesus was considered outrageous, renegade, even irreverent. He loved too much, forgave too much, gave too much of Himself for too many. He wore a cloak of humanity just to show us the way, to set the example, to help us understand the true meaning of sacrifice. Jesus was an open book, a generous spirit, a welcoming hand of friendship wherever He went. People flocked to His side, not only for His message, but for His person: His gentle touch, His hearty laugh and kind eyes. Children would not have longed for His lap were He any less inviting. He touched the “untouchables” and looked with love on the unlovely. When He said, “Come unto Me” it was sincere. The invitation was made in His own blood.  All were welcome, none turned away and the invitation is still extended to us today.

If you are uncertain of the will of God, follow love. Since God is love, we can never go wrong following love. His love is not always convenient for us and sometimes demands us to forget our selfish desires.  But following His love is the path to true life and peace. Even when we're tired, discouraged, drowning under the weight of our life, we are never alone. No matter how long the road, how far the destination, how deep the hole we've dug for ourselves – our God has the power and the desire to lift us out.  His love carried us and our burdens all the way from a Roman prison to a hill called Golgotha, and there, His mercy gave us wings.

We become more like Him with every one we love and every gift we give without expecting anything in return. For God so loved, and we must do likewise.

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