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Welcome to the home of Austin’s Community Bible Fellowship on the web. We are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, intergenerational fellowship and we invite you to worship and work with us to build the Kingdom of God.

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A Reflection of the Father

…and we cry “Abba, Father.” - Romans 8:15

The word "Abba" is an Aramaic term meaning "Daddy." This scripture tells us our relationship with God, the Father, is intimate, close and caring. On earth, any man can be a father - it takes someone special to be a Dad. It is a difficult balance between provider /protector and tender-hearted care-giver.  How can the firm hand of discipline equally cradle and comfort?  Great, big hands, that fumble with little buttons and ribbons can hold enormous love and patience. God, the Father, is the model for this dance of opposites, the range of emotions, demonstrating loving kindness mixed with uncompromising truth. Jesus cleared the temple of those who threatened His family, as well as, wept over Jerusalem for the prodigal children who had wandered away. It is his commitment that makes a man a father in this "easy come, easy go" world. It is his love that makes a father a dad.

We are grateful for Christian fathers, men of God who stand tall for their values, and yet can also kneel to see the world through the eyes of a child. "It is only when men begin to worship that they begin to grow" is a quote by President Calvin Coolidge. He was acknowledging that men carry a heavy responsibility in the Christian world – that of living out the example of our Heavenly Father. There are many people today who cannot comprehend a loving, faithful God, because they felt unloved or abandoned by their earthly fathers.

By revealing an unfathomable God as His Father, Jesus set a high standard for all fathers that would follow. He clearly showed that a Father is both powerful and authoritative and yet loving and tender. It is unfortunate that not all earthly fathers follow that model and consequently, many people today cannot grasp the concept of a loving Heavenly Father because even the word conjures memories of pain, rejection or abuse. Christian fathers bear a greater responsibility to represent the best of God the Father in a fatherless world. We celebrate fathers that honor their families by putting their faith in Jesus Christ and demonstrating the best of what God's man can be.

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