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Welcome to the home of Austin’s Community Bible Fellowship on the web. We are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, intergenerational fellowship and we invite you to worship and work with us to build the Kingdom of God.

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The Discipline of Discipleship

But don’t begin until you count the cost. - Luke 14:28

It did not take long for Jesus to attain “Rock Star” status after His ministry began. Imagine the logistics required to support Him, His twelve constant disciples, and the many that followed Him everywhere, day and night. To make it possible for Him to minister to the multitudes, a multitude of others working invisibly “behind the scenes,” were required to provide them with food, shelter, transportation, security, rest and so much more. Some of these workers are known to us through the scriptures, like Mary, Martha and Lazarus, but there must have been many, many more whose names we will never know, but who worked hard for the simple love of the Master. They did whatever they could, using whatever everyday skill or talent they possessed that would fill His needs, enabling His love to touch so many others even though only He would know their names.

Jesus was clear throughout His ministry, that being His follower would come with a cost. There was no “sugar coating”, no “rose-colored glasses,” for the truth of discipleship. The road was hard then, it is still hard today. He would pay the ultimate price, and every follower should be ready to do the same. Many have done so through the ages around the world. We cannot follow in hiding, so we must sit down at the beginning of each day, and decide what we are willing to sacrifice as we follow Him out of ourselves and into the world.

There are street performers who stand for hours as “statues” only to startle unsuspecting passersby when they break from their frozen poses into life. The best of these actors have spent hours in practice, disciplining their muscles, honing their craft, and masking themselves into the appearance of stone. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Similarly, being chiseled into the likeness of Christ is challenging. The discipline of discipleship builds the heart muscle for greater loving and empowers the arms for reaching out and the legs for going wherever we are sent. We will not harden our hearts, but instead, offer the strength of our spirits, the sacrifice of our iron will, to bring His love to life in a hard world.

Discipleship is not to be taken lightly. A disciple is not just a follower, but one who is willing to be and do so much more. Following takes little commitment. Anyone can talk the talk, go through the motions, and enjoy the benefits and ignore the difficulties. Discipleship requires study of His Word, communication both ways, faith in the unseen, service above self and literally becoming the example of Christ before the world. Jesus knew that this would be hard once He had left their sight, so His mission was urgent to prepare His first disciples for the unimaginable road ahead. He told them discipleship would mean the Cross – for Him, for them, for us. A life of sacrifice would be the path of His disciples. Join us at CBF as we seek to know His will and His way for us.

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